A- An Afternoon

A day of heavy steps and driving heat filled the air with an urgency. It was a warmth that got inside and slowed down, but it made people rush to escape it. The sun slowly drifted past its zenith and allowed room for the cold moons gentle breath to disperse through the air. From behind the hills emerged white behemoths struggling to move their cold bodies beneath the suns violent gaze. Slowly their grey limbs sprung over the hills and struck the blue sky. The day eased into free fall and a gentle breeze cooled the sweat on children’s brows. Faces looked up at the relief in the sky and questioned rain from with in office blocks. School children hoped for cancelled sports practices, farmers appreciated the seasons benevolence and paddlers dreamt of rivers becoming violent. The few drops slid down car windows and flashed darkness on cement floors. And then a voice tumbled down the hills shaking the air. Sounds like crashing waves echoed down and promised a satisfying end to the day. And all at once the blessing fell out of the sky. Full raindrops plummeted¬†with the vigour of tiny car crashes to the earth. The attack took the ground by surprise and its warm soil was unable to filter the water fast enough. Water flowed between the green summer grass running down hills and gathering in brown muddied puddles. The reaching trees swayed their limbs from side to side trying to protect their smooth bodies from the cold rain. The underside of their leaves flashed grey in an almost undignified manner. Chaos fell about them and their roots drank deeply from it. The afternoon dragged by in what was almost flood weather. People stayed dry in their cars that cut through the heavy rain. Five o’clock rush hours stops for nothing and the beautiful rain was flung off windshields by modern machines with no faculty to experience wetness. The wetness that soaks through your shirt and sticks to your back, it runs down your hair and drips onto your ears sending cold shivers down your spine. A cold wet that is thrilling and uncomfortable. It calls our childhood out of dark corners and we smile up at the sky and stick out our tongues and taste the cold falling from the sky.