Stay up late and hope sleep will come easy on long flights. Rush through slow moving lines and kill time in empty departure areas. Pat pockets; wallet, passport, cellphone, boarding pass, time? Sit on comfortable chairs surrounded by strangers and chairs as hard as stone all by myself. Peer across aisles to see the moving mountains of Hong Kong. Stare at a small screen till my eyes hurt. Close my eyes trying to sleep until my brains hurt. Shifting in a chair that wont move. Neck pillow causing sweaty neck, no neck pillow causing stiff neck. Little meals on red trays, strong coffee, tasteless fruit, little cups. Lights dimmed, blinds up wheels down. Seat belt sign holding us back from more lines and waiting areas. Smiling good-byes, connecting flights, immigration lines. Fast moving locals slow moving foreigners high-tech passport scans big blue stamps arrival in a new land. Learn how to smile in a foreign language, bowing head gentle smiles greet smile thank. Walking in downward pressing heat, sleeping in spine-chilling artificially cooled air. Body clock 3am wake up lunch time REM. Find familiar unhealthy food, drink overpriced american coffee, sit next to strangers, wrong bank note, smile and try again.


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